Urban Wildlife Center Inc.

About Urban Wildlife Center Inc.

Directors, Rick Levi Jr. and his wife Sandi have both been working in animal welfare and sheltering for over 25 years. Rick holds a State and Federally Issued Rehabilitator Permit and Sandi is a Certified Veterinary Technician.

 Urban Wildlife Center Inc. was formed as a result from Rick's direct experiences in the community. When he started volunteering and training with one of Pinellas County's local rehabbers he saw that the number of injured wildlife in Pinellas greatly outweighed the number of rehabbers.

The Non-Profit, Urban Wildlife Center Inc. was formed and a new way of life began

 We have continued to rescue all species of wildlife, big or small, in Pinellas county with the help of local veterinarians, the community, and our supporters. Please visit "Support Those Who Support Us" to learn more about our veterinary partners. With our communities help, every year we are able to rehabilitate and release more native Florida wildlife. Continue to support "a new way of life" here.

 In the coming years we hope to grow and expand into a larger facility where we will be able to help a even more wildlife and support Florida's native ecosystems.

A new way of life begins !

Richard A. Levi Jr.